Comments from Ashley: Don't we look cute in our little mini dresses all pastel colored and girly? I had to have my hair in a ponytail for this one. Gives me a younger look. This was my chance to be all out sexual with Brianna again and make her remember how fun it was fucking around with me last night. She's bisexual, but I'm all about women. I fell and hurt myself in the sand but we washed up when we got home.

Comments from Brianna:: We haven't had any heavy foreplay at all yet so the photographer choreographed a nice scene where I seduce Ashley, first taking her heels off and sucking on her toes, then sucking on her stretchy breasts & nipples, and then moving down to her cookie and licking it all up. I was so turned on by watching this part of the video, like seeing my tongue where it counts. When I'm licking a girl I can't really see her cookie so its nice to get this view of my face and her cookie right there. She's so trim and pretty down there so its always a pleasure for me to give it to Ashley. It was kind of a fun thing for me to push that big pink toy into her and pound her so hard that I could feel the toy bottoming out in her vagina and pushing against her little cervix.