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Comments from Leanna: Hey, I'm Leanne, one of Alison's best friends. I'm full-blooded Italian, and my name is mispelled here but its ok. I haven't seen my girl Alison for about 2 years so it was exciting to come to Phoenix just for that. We spent our days shopping, going to a barrett jackson event, wining and dining, and flirting with guys for free drinks hehe. Alison definitely has a new motive in life, I've never seen her so energetic and positive before.

Continued Comments from Leanna: I'm proud of her for studying to be a nurse, and that she's made a successful interim career as a model for her site. I was always the older more responsible friend who kept her priorities straight. She looks like she's been working out too, because she is in such good shape! I'm jealous of her big breasts, I was never blessed with such things! I had to pay for mine.