Hometown:Iowa City, IA
Don't you just love my boobs? I made sure I wear the most revealing shirt, and have my bra come out of it. The contrast makes my boobs stand out a lot. So we go to a very fancy mall with all sorts of people shopping and watching me. Once I got into it I was all about flashing my breasts,...

continued from interview but some guys actually hung out around me (lighting a cigarette etc..) and watching the show! I had no panties on so anytime I would bend over or open up my legs from your angle you could see it all! I'm from Iowa, and the only fun I had was going around hooking up and getting naked. What else is there for a cute & horny girl to do? This whole shoot was really fun, and the best part was the masturbating show because I really enjoyed it. Both toys were mine but the whole thing about doing it in front of the camera got me off pretty good. I came so sweetly!