Hometown:Baton Rouge, LA
Comments from Amy: Hi, be easy with me guys, its really a first time thing for me doing nude modeling but also writing about my video. I didn't think I had essays to do as well! So yeah, funny thing is I'm not shy about getting naked at all, but its just before my 20th birthday that I'm modeling nude 'commerically'. I did some artistic nudes before, and I've done regular fashion modeling on occasion.

Continued Comments from Amy: The photographer thought that maybe if I used a toy, and be in a more comfortable place this time, I could have a stronger orgasm. Quite possible, and I've used toys before, I have a pocket rocket at home. He told me to be completely naked but keep my heels on (interesting request). Like the first time, I use my fingers, but when I was ready, I brought down the vibrator. The stairway ended up becoming an odd corner after all, I couldn't sit up properly like the photographer wanted me to. But once my hormones took over I could feel it getting wet a lot more this time, and my orgasm was stronger. The photographer was right, but its almost embarrassing to get all messy wet like this. You guys like seeing the results of orgasms I guess?